SINCE 1991 Family Owned & Professionally Operated

Originally founded in the late 1980’s by Jose Janela. In those early days, his simple belief of working hard and leading by example using a ‘hands-on’ approach, integrity with a hand-shake, and being attentive to the all the details would provide consistent quality workmanship and customer service therefore meeting customer satisfaction or exceeding their expectations. This approach became the foundation to the growth of the Company and it’s Vision today. After his Son’s became involved in the operations, the Company successfully grew with more and larger contracts and Clients.

Exceeding Your Expectations

Our Vision is to be the best concrete floor contractor, producing the finest floors, in Western Canada.

Our Goals and Values to fulfill our Vision:
  • Consistently meet or exceed our Client’s expectations by focusing on quality and customer service.
  • Proactive action with our Clients to add value to our services using our experience and knowledge to increase quality and performance.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships by building trusting partnerships ethically, professionally, and with integrity.
  • Always seeking improvements to our safety and training program, management style, and field services.
  • Improving the careers and performance of our dedicated workers through continued specialized training and education for internal advancement.

Action everyday meeting our Goals and Values will sustain our Vision and ‘concrete’ our future long-term succession.


CONCRETE is my business. My future welfare and the well-being of my family depend on the quality of the work I do. I have chosen concrete out of all the construction materials of the earth as the one in which to specialize. I have done this because I feel that concrete is a material of integrity. Mixed and placed with understanding hands, concrete will not fail. Therefore, the work I do well now will survive and serve long after I am gone. Concrete is strong. For the architects whom I serve, concrete is a design medium with which they can create structures of beauty and charm, of rare delicacy and sturdy utility. Future generations will enjoy the things we of today have wrought to concrete for it is a material of integrity and will endure. Because I respect and love this material, I can serve my country, my community and those to come after me by doing my work intelligently and honestly, thus creating useful things that endure. Concrete is my business. I am proud of it.